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PAESE Hydrating & Calming essence Mist PAESE Nanorevit 100ml - sis-style.

PAESE Hydrating & Calming essence Mist PAESE Nanorevit 100ml

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Beautiful skin means healthy skin - provide it with what is best for it. Experience the Nanorevit hydrating & calming essence mist.

  • increased skin hydration by over 43% *
  • reduces redness by 19% *
  • discoloration reduction by 5% *


We present a moisturizing and soothing essence in a mist - a recipe for a moisturized and soothed skin. This unusual, cosmetic rich in active ingredients, based on a light formula containing as much as 97% ingredients of origin natural . The essence in the mist tones the skin and prepares it for the next stage of care which is application of the serum. It will successfully replace tonic, hydrosol and thermal water. It is the perfect product for refreshing makeup during the day. Moisturizing and soothing essence in the mist is irreplaceable for refreshing the face during hot days . Thanks to the perfectly matched atomizer with a high degree of dispersion, the essence wraps delicate face mist .

How to use an essence in a mist?

Apply to cleansed face and body. You can also use the mist during the day to refresh your skin. Use together with Hydrating & anti-aging serum for best results. Shake well before use.

Our duo of serum and essence in a mist from the Nanorevit line is a must have summer care. It's perfect products after tanning. They bring relief to the skin, deeply moisturize it and calm it down.

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