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Ofra Cosmetics Glitch Baked Eyeshadow Palette

Ofra Cosmetics
29,00 €

You'll be gettin' glitchy with it in these liquid-to-baked shadows that glide right into the next millennium

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You won’t be hitting any 404’s in this all liquid-to-baked eyeshadow palette. With the pigment pay off of our highlighters, these all metallic shades won’t fade out midday.

What's inside: 

Arcade (metallic mint green)

Y2K (cool gold metallic with shimmer)

Dial-Up (smokey indigo blue metallic)

Mood Ring (aqua blue metallic)

Rhinestones (snow white metallic with shimmer)

4ever (deep amethyst metallic)

Beeper (metallic steel gray with shimmer)

Easy Bake (cool bubblegum pink metallic with shimmer)

Ice Ice Baby (silver metallic)

9-2g pans



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