Dusk Till Dawn

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Dusk Till Dawn is an eye shadow palette with 14 shades of popping ultra violet tones.

The palette features a range of colours that bring an essence of Aladdin's cave to your makeup look. Rich and intense colours to bring a blend of Dawn Till Dusk to life.

Dawn Till Dusk consists of 7 matte shades ranging from nude, sand tones to brighter, deeper shades such as reds and purples. 

The other 7 shades of the palette consist of glittery foils that accompany their sister matte tones.

Wanderer is a light, natural matte
Llama is a light brown matte
Bearded Dragon is a peach matte
Oasis is a dark brown matte
Ayahuasca is a popping purple matte
Wild is a deep red matte
Gobi is a burnt orange matte
Golden Sands is a golden foil
Grey Fox is a pinky brown foil with iridescent particles
Wilderness is a baby pink foil
Mirage is a light brown foil
Mojave is a lilac foil
Daybreak is a deep purple foil
Dune Moon is a burnt copper foil

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