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Real Techniques Everyday Eye Essentials Brush Set - sis-style.gr

Real Techniques Everyday Eye Essentials Brush Set


Το  RT Everyday Eye Essentials Brush Set

έχει ό,τι πινέλο χρειάζεσαι για να δημιουργήσεις οποιοδήποτε look ματιών.

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Το  RT Everyday Eye Essentials Brush Set περιλαμβάνει: 

-307 shading build cream or powder color shades and intensify

-310 essential crease blend powder accent colors seamlessly within the creases of the eyelid

-304 defining crease precisely lines + blends powder shadow for definition within the creases

-313 definer creates straight cat eyes and designs across the lid

-332 smudge blend + blur liners and shadows along the lash line

-308 medium shadow sweep and blend powder or cream base shadows

-312 lash separator helps separate mascara clumps

-311 fine liner creates crisp lines of liquid or gel eyeliner



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