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Boozyshop Brush Cup Holder Black - sis-style.gr

Boozyshop Brush Cup Holder Black

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Due to the size this cup holder is easy to take with you when travelling so that your brushes are well protected. 



With the Boozyshop Brush Cup Holder Black you can store your make-up brushes well protected and your dressing table will always look tidy. This cup holder is especially for the people who have a large collection of brushes and want to store it in 1 cup holder.

The cup holder is made of the finest quality leather look that feels just as smooth and soft as real leather. The push button closures make it easy to take with you on a trip without your brushes ending up in your travel bag so that your brushes remain well protected.

Pay attention! : This cup holder does not include brushes!

Dimensions :

Diameter : 6,5/5,5 cm.

Height : 20 cm.

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